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Our Approach

Gregory Aprile is a versatile Criminal Defense Attorney with strong litigation skills and superior negotiation acumen.  Gregory has an outstanding ability to analyze situations and quickly devise solutions and courses of action. He also has an impeccable reputation in the legal community for his preparedness and integrity.

Mr. Aprile has been practicing law for over 40 years, with approximately 250 criminal jury trials, making him one of the most experienced Criminal Trial Attorneys in Northern New Jersey and likely the MOST experienced in Passaic County! In addition to Criminal Defense, Gregory also practices Family Law, bringing those same skills while representing clients in juvenile justice, divorce, custody, support and domestic violence cases with an emphasis on exploring dispute mediation and alternative solutions before prolonging litigation by means of a trial.



Criminal Defense

♦ Identify and research issues.
♦ Develop strategy and legal arguments in preparation for trial.
♦ Represent clients in criminal, quasi-criminal and administrative actions throughout the State of NJ.
♦ Superior elocution and cross-examination skills.

Divorce and Family Law

♦ Extensive experience representing clients in juvenile proceedings, divorce, custody, support and domestic violence cases.
♦ Emphasis on utilizing dispute mediation and alternative solutions.
♦ Highly qualified in trial advocacy and litigation.

Municipal Court Practice

♦ Well versed in all types of disorderly persons offenses and motor vehicle violations, including driving while under the influence case (DUI).

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